Carolina Auto Body is a Green Business
green is good
Responsibility and sustainability are good for business!

Carolina Auto Body is going green!

Carolina Auto Body is dedicated to serving our customers and community in a responsible manner. Our mission for corporate responsibility is not just lip service either. We dedicate full time staff to the purpose of helping us to reduce our consumption, reuse what we can, and recycle materials we can no longer find a use for. It is our experience that by preserving costly resources we not only reduce waste and protect the environment, but we operate more profitably as well.


We have reduced our energy consumption for computers and lighting by implementing policies that automatically shut down computers every night after closing. As well all of our retail facilites have use water based paints which require less energy to cure and eliminate potentially harmful vapors associated with chemical binders. At our stores, our customers may notice some of the paper they receive appears to be printed 2 pages per sheet. Roughly 80 percent of the documents we print internally are printed 2 pages per sheet which has reduced our paper consumption by about 35%. Likewise, we have modified our processes to produce digital documents where possible rather than paper documents which further reduces our paper consumption. We also use low volume high pressure car wash systems which reduces our water consumption up to 50%.


In order to reduce our waste, we make a sincere effort to reuse what we can. At the core of our business is the job of fixing what is broken so it can continue to be used. So when a vehicle which should have years of life left is no longer drivable due to an accident, we repair it so it will continue to be useful. Our customers do not have to go through the hassle and expense of replacing what may be a recently purchased vehicle. If however a vehicle is damaged beyond repair many times it can still be salvaged as a source of parts for other vehicles that need replacing. We frequently source body panels, glass, headlights, interior parts, etc from salvage suppliers when used parts are available that match the year, make, model, and body style of our customer's vehicles. This allows us to perform repairs to our customer's vehicles at a lower cost to the customer while maintaining a very high quality standard by using Original Equipment Manufaturer (OEM) parts rather than aftermarket parts which may result in poorer fit.

In our business "reusing" generally means fixing and repurposing equipment and resources where possible rather than replacing it. Some of the items we try to reuse are office equipment, furniture, steel, paint, paint thinner, and office supplies. Admittedly we find it a challenge to REuse much of what we use because we try to get the most out of everything we buy in the first place. If you have a suggestion for a way to help us reuse some resource we already have, we would appreciate hearing from you.


We take recycling very seriously not only because it's good for the environment, but because it is profitable as well. Due to the size of our company and the type of business we are in, we recycle massive amounts of materials including steel, aluminum, copper, plastics, cardboard, paper, tires, used vehicle fluids, and various other miscellaneous items.

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